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You can enrol directly at the Secretary’s Officeat ENGLISH STUDIO, in Villafranca di Verona.

The Secretary’s Office is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.30 am to 1 pm and from Monday to Thursday from 4 to7 pm.

TEL. (0039) 045 6300792
FAX (0039) 331 8594126
MOBILE (0039) 345 8508203

a. Please fill in and email/fax us the NEEDS ANALYSIS FORM to:

email: direzione@englishstudio.it
FAX 331 8594126

b. On the basis of the details given, a draft copy of the contract will be emailed you for approval.

c. The course will start upon receipt, via fax or email, of:
1. The contract, signed and approved
2. Proof of payment of the deposit, according to what specified in the contract
3. Copy of your passport, proving that you have obtained a visa (for non-EU citizens)

N.B.: According to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs indications, students who need a study VISA are required to pay in advance 100% of the course cost (including enrolment fee).

ENGLISH STUDIO - V. Bellotti, 29 - 37069 Villafranca (VR) tel. 045 6300792 - fax. 331 8594126
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